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Use the Xerberus Platform to understand which tokens are at risk to fall to zero, and which tokens are likely to go to the moon 🚀


The Only Analytics You Need!

Do you carry more risk than you should? Could other tokens offer you more upside potential for less risk? Get answers, not charts!

Xerberus Rating 

Get an instant understanding of the risk-reward profile of a token.

Default Risk

How likely is it for a token to fall to zero like Luna and FTX Token did?

Upside Potential

How much upward price action is left for a token in the current cycle? 


Topology and Machine Learning.

There are infinite ways an asset can be unhealthy, but only a few ways it can be healthy. Xerberus' underlying model looks for these patterns.

White Paper

Understand the theory making Xerberus possible. 

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